MOONBOOTICA – Say the Word feat. Andie Nora

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When MOONBOOTICA approached me for their latest single „Say the word“ to come up with a video I was dazzled by the hypnotising vocals and smooth instrument. Even though the song is about a girl who urges a boy to come clean I had different images in my mind. I like to vibe with the song when it comes to music videos. For me it’s more about a feeling that catches my heart than the actual lyrics.

When I heard „Say the word“ I was reminded of the bittersweetness that life itself carries within. It tingles your inner everyday, and even if you’re out there in, what some times can feel like, unbearable situations you know that it’s you who has the power to live the best life you can live. Somehow I was reminded of Mathieu Kassovitz’s „La Haine“ so I sat down and wrote a story about three young guys from an underprivileged neighborhood, that are out there in the concrete jungle trying to survive. 

Gladly, for the incredible cast and the outfits we could team up with hamburg local fashion brand Hood of Saints, who were more than willing to support us in the shoot. Something I higly appreciate til this day.




January 1, 2021


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