Julian Wassermann – Guard feat. Yates

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During my time at hamburg based production Virus, Warner Music and the management of up & coming electro artist Julian Wassermann approached me to bring his song „Guard“ to the screen. The song for me was about caring for each other, accepting who we are and what we want to do in life. Nothing is more important than be as good as can be with the choice you make and being humble about it. 

In this music video I wanted to challenge the stereotypical narrative about a young boys upbringing. How we, sometimes through our own parents, tend to think and stay in boxes regarding gender roles. A boy mustn’t dance? A girl always have to wear pink and be pretty? Fuck that! 

We shot this one in tight scheduling conditions and the actors Julius Störmer and Rob Pitcher, as well as the DoP on set Robert Macjewski did an wonderful job. He’s got an bright future as an filmmaker ahead of him. Thanks fot the ride Robert!



Warner Music Germany


November 19, 2019


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