Jonas Lill


Jonas Lill

/ Director

Born 1982
First Language German
Language English (fluent)
Residence Hamburg

My Story

Born in Seoul/South Korea, Jonas spend most of his life in the heart of Hamburg City. Growing up in a middle class family he didn’t worry about too much in life, until he dropped out of highschool. His first part time job in a video store made him realize how much he loves the art of cinema, devouring the works of Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorcese or Roman Polanski.

His first steps in the business he made by joining a small local TV Station where he worked as a vide journalist and news editor. After that he successfully transitioned into the music industry working for a well known german hip hop show and shooting his first music videos as a director of photography. Nowadays Jonas try to focus on directing but still loves to shoot and edit on his own behalf.  He gained experience in various fields from shooting and directing commercials, music videos, image- and short films.

For Jonas, the ultimate power boost is to see a great film, a commercial or music video, maybe just a scene and getting the urgent need to go out and shoot something because he feels inspired and challenged by the creativity of fellow art makers. 



Over a decade of hands on experience in the art of film making. Passionate about bringing your next project to life...